Happiness is success 

“If I could make a difference to one person everyday of my life, I’ll have done something by the end of it” Princess Diana

Once upon a time in pursuit of a healthier lifestyle and weight loss I fell for fad diets and a lot of false info online. Learning the hard way I took matters into my own hands, by doing my own research in the science behind Nutrition. And found myself starting my Diploma in Personal Training.

img_3238-1Coincidentally In that process my mum became very sick but the medical model could not fix her. Instead what happened to have helped her get back up was Homeopathic medication; the method of herbal medicine, which has been used for thousands of years by the Indigenous / Native Americans as well as Asians.


Therefore out of curiosity I also took Naturotherapy studies into my own hands.
And here we are… I hope you enjoy my blog!


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