Enjoy the ride

“Sometimes we have everything we need right in front of us. But we’re so busy rushing around being anxious about the future and what we want, we forget that we actually have what we need in front of us.
Everything we need is in front of us to be happy and we often win the race but it’s the wrong race.” Paul Hannam 

I’ve been in the USA for 2 months now and I have 1 month to go. Have I been thinking about returning to England? No. I have been making the most out of my summer, loving my intership at Q2 CrossFit. My training and all that I have learned. Enjoying my time with the great people that I have met, loving the fresh clean air here in Michigan. 

Good things don’t last forever they say…  Recently I have had moments where I feel down whenever I think of having to return to grey rainy polluted London… But I force mysef to snap out of it, come back to the present and enjoy my current journey. 

Besides it will be temporary because there is no use of me residing in a city I hate. 

“Sometimes we have to put up with the rain in order to see the rainbow” 

So I will return to London and put up with the rain. My goal upon my return is to: Pass my exams, save money up and strive to escape London once again. And one day succeed with my career in the USA. 

Yesterday I put on Romwod for the 09:30 class at Q2 CrossFit. I chose a specific video for the lower back. Considering all the dead lifts I did on Thursday. We all “loved” the stretching… And we all felt brand new after the 40 min session. 

I think today I will have a lazy Sunday. So far I managed to make some coffee this morning, cleaned the house… Just finished cooking steak and eggs (protein love). 

Will see what the rest of the day brings. 

Peace and love 

Ruthy 🙂 


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