Hello my beloved followers, I have not blogged for a while as I’ve been busy working and studying for exams. Plus I’ve had a bit of a fever, basically in quarantine in London.

I miss the USA, I miss my CrossFit box there too.

A thought crossed my mind last week about fast food and drive thrus. When I was in the USA I saw so many people depend on take outs and fast food. I’m not judging, I simply thought to myself people talk of freedom and free will but they choose to slave / live like robots… I know it’s practical and one does not always have time to cook. But people should make more of an effort to complain less and try… I say this because I often heard people complain about their weight yet they were stopping at the Drive Thru the day after.

1 hour is 4% of your day, try to prepare your meals for the week on Monday for example.

Plus the additives that are added to the fast food are so bad for our body. Our body is a clever machine, it needs good nutrition for good structure and function.

I like a good burger and at time, I eat out. Yes we have to treat ourselves, we have to enjoy life! I enjoy a giant doughnut now and again. But life is also about being balanced. If there is anything I’ve learned is that to achieve your body composition goal, you need patience, knowledge and to be balanced. ‘THE ART OF MODERATION’. But patience is the most important thing!

Health is fitness / Fitness is health. Either way it’s all about you feeling good! Not feeling out of breathe after walking up the stairs or running in the park for a short while with your kids. Health is about enjoying your time with your family and friends. Feeling good about yourself!

You wake up in the morning and you tell yourself I want to be an actor or I want to be a football player what do you do? Well you have two options 1. Not make the effort sit there and wait for something to happen 2. Everyday work towards getting closer to your goal try try try practice practice practice.

Nothing comes easy and laziness will keep you in the same place.

This weekend I want to motivate you!

Happy Saturday,

Ruthy 🌿✌🏼️


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