Be so focused people will think you’re crazy 

At the start of this year I told myself that this will be the year I make my dream happen!

I’ve faced obstacles, negative thoughts and I’ve had people doubt me. But did I give up? I decided to ignore the negativity that popped up in my mind and the negativity from people… After all it’s my life. I am now earning half of what I used to! But I am happier I am pursuing my goal. Plus I’ve learned that the more money I made the more I spent, now the less money I make the more I have. I suppose you learn to live on a budget. And I’m happier this way, material possessions don’t provide me with true happiness to be honest.

I love working in the fitness industry, I’m learning a lot from different PTs, being a PT myself I am humble and I believe that’s the way we should all be, specially in order to learn and grow! I’ve met PTs who genuinely want to help people like myself and PTs who genuinely want to make money… The best advice I can give is – if its your passion you will go far and likely succeed as opposed to chasing the money, if all you think of is the money I doubt you will truly love it and you will most likely just stress.

As you all know my approach is holistic – the mind and body are connected.

I’ve been finding it a bit of a challenge working full time shifts and making the time to study. But I’ve decided to wake up early to study when I have a late shift and study in the afternoon after an early shift. Even though studying is the last thing on my mind, well its all I think of but the last thing I want to do! But in life we have to make sacrifices.

Nothing comes easy of it’s worh having…

Love & happy week



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