Ups and downs Downs and ups 

And its been a bit of a sad month trying to adapt to this great British weather whilst missing the USA plus my favourite artist my king Leonard Cohen passed away this month… Anyway positivity positivity! It could be worse. 

I’m back to tracking my macros. More protein and more training, less booze and less binge eating. 

Consistency is the key people, as long as you’re moving your body: cycling, running, playing a sport etc… 

I haven’t done CrossFit or much training since I got back from the States. Despite being slightly out of shape I got back into it last week, gradually… Today I did back squats, power cleans, mini bear complex and cardio. 

If you have been absent for a while don’t beat yourself up and try not to jump in the deep end when you go back to the gym. Slowly but surely, just give it your best. The body is capable of many things if you are consistent ✌️️
Happy week, 



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