Cold, sick and tired

I’m home seating on my sofa and there’s a few things that I’d like to share with you. Some natural remedies, a dish and great podcasts I’ve listened to over the last couple of weeks.

Podcasts: (Take what you need from these quotes)

“High intensity functional movements, a diet of meat and vegetables, nuts and seeds some fruit little starch no sugar. Is a really good match for the needs of the species and a billion years of evolution. 70% of the population will die from chronic disease reason holding still and malnutrition the crappy diet and the worst of that involves too much carbohydrate specifically hyperglycemic carbohydrates, sugar. That lifestyle is the deadliest thing on the planet. So we train the strains and sprains to avoid the disease diabetes, obesity etc. People might comment “Oh my friend got hurt doing CrossFit”. Well it’s dangerous seating on your couch all day AND people can die not doing CrossFit, moving, FUNCTIONAL movements you need to be moving…” Gregg Glassman 

“I’m not just looking at body composition, the scale number or measurements. I really dig in to bio feedback measures, hunger, sleep quality, energy, sex drive, mood. I quote The physical follows the physiological. SO when you can start manipulating changes within your prescription to manipulate those bio feedback prescriptions Anything you are after physically will fall in line. So I can help you get super lean and make you feel like shit just by starving you, or I can help you really listen internally to your body make you feel really good, get you sleeping really good, perform really good and then you’re going to look good and perform well.” Jason Phillips 


“It’s not about the sport I played it’s that I went through so many challenges to get there, and you’d have so many people that weren’t for you and some that were for you. ANd you got to ask yourself “who are the people around you?” cause you’re gonna fail. Nothing is going to go perfect, we’re always going to have failures. To the point were you go to 0, and you gotta basically sit back go to bed wake up the next day and say it’s time to begin again. And that’s tough! And that defines what I think a great warrior. Or quite frankly someone who is going to be impactful to other people for the rest of their lives” Tim Gentry 

“But to grow as a person ye you need to experience a little discomfort, if you not putting yourself out of your comfort zone you might as well stay at home on your couch and watch reality TV all day, cause you’re not gonna make yourself a better person. Strength can come from struggle and putting yourself in situations that your not accustomed to. The physical strength you can accomplish in a lot of different ways. But that mental strength come from really stepping outside what you know. The mind responds to stimulus” Col. Fellinger 



We all get a little sick around this time of the year sadly. Here are some great natural anti inflammatory remedies in my kitchen that I use:

  • Garlic – I add 2 cloves to my tea w lemon slices and honey. Chew and swallow the garlic cloves after I’m done drinking my tea.
  • Turmeric – Have this on your food or smoothies. But if you don’t like the taste like me take the natural turmeric pill.
  • Echinacea – I take drops of this beauty in water, it stimulates the immune system.

This morning I made a body wash scrub to exfoliate:

  • Raw brown sugar
  • Natural rock Sea salt
  • Ginger
  • Cinnamon
  • Coconut oil
  • Olive oil

Contains a lot more of sea salt and brown sugar than all the other ingredients. Mix it all up as you like, make your own consistence. 

Last night I made grilled mackerel fish w egg noodles, broccoli, chilli & garlic. 😋




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