Happy week & winter blossoms 

I’m not working out as much as I’d like to this week but I’m doing what I can to keep moving. Movement is essential!

My priority in the next couple of weeks is to improve my cardiovascularity as I was a bit too still over Christmas haha.

I’ve been jumping on one of my favourite toys the assault bike. I use it as a warm up for 5 – 10 minutes non stop / integrate it to my workouts / have long sessions with it with intervals in between. I also do the same with the rowing machine.

Once when I was explaining to one of my friends that you can eat well by buying ingredients and making the time to cook. She responded that due to the cheap cost, she understands why most families get fast food to feed their family.

Well if anyone knows me I’m open minded, willing to listen and of course try to comprehend. However there are other alternatives, the key is to be open  minded, take a little time to do research and try other alternatives for a better healthy you and the well being of your family.

For example this Sunday I had £4.95 in my pocket left to buy food for the week. I bought 2 broccolis = 90 pence, 1 packet of minced turkey meat = £2, 1 packet of wild rice = 99 pence. I didn’t spend all my money and made food for the week. I still have rice left in my kitchen cupboard.

Today I’m reading loads on anatomy and later I’m training with my mate Lauren. Strength training: back squats and push presses. Followed by a small HIIT session and ending with cardio.



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