I’m back never stopped 

I’ve been absent for a long time and I apologise for that, it’s not like me. I am to post at least once a week articles to motivate you, inspire you and educate you… So my excuse? I was super busy in London preparing my move and since I’ve arrived in Michigan I’ve been working on settling in.

I feel healthier despite their horrid eating habits and poor diet here, I feel healthier because I’m surrounded by fresh air and nature and opposed to the London city.

I’ve found a nice gym where I train and I’ve done a bit of CrossFit last week. Managed to flip a tyre over all by myself.

My focus now will be on helping people get healthier and fitter, I’m going to start writing my own book next week. Realistic advice on nutrition and training, creating and sustaining a balanced healthy lifestyle.


Last week I was in quarantine super sick with a nasty cold / flu. I don’t remember the last time I had that, my immune system in general is strong maybe It’s one of those inevitable things from Michigan.

I am now an Ambassador for Sundried. With my code MOURA you get an exclusive 50% discount. Sundried is a TOP quality activewear brand.
Sweat wicking:

Technical fabrics lift moisture from the skin and draw it to the surface of the fabric, where it can evaporate more easily.

  • Multi-way stretch:
  • 4 way stretch materials contour to your form and move with you throughout your workout.
  • Temperature control:
  • Cooling when you’re hot, providing warmth in the cold.
  • *Free shipping worldwide & no minimum purchase required.*
  • ™ Registered trademark in UK & USA.

Handmade in Portugal, We believe you cannot be a health and fitness brand without promoting health throughout your company, from production to purpose. Sundried’s factory staff are paid fairly and respected. We take pride in our partnerships which allows us to bring our products to you.

Don’t miss this bargain! 🙂



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