Preparation is everything

Always bear in mind that whatever goal it is that you have. PREPARATION! If it’s weight you want to lose, gain muscle, be a better person, buy a house, go on holiday… PREPARATION.

I advice people who ask me of ways to lose weight and I tell them start preparing your meals, even if you don’t physically prepare to begin with – mentally prepare. Think about what it is you will eat during the week to fit your macro-nutrients.

Pre gym, think about your body composition goals and have a planned workout set up. So that you do not feel lost in the gym and waste your time.

Always remember that 1 hour is 4% of your day, so yes you have the time to make your meals for the week that one day maybe on a Sunday or Monday spare 1 hour. And fit in a 30 – 45 min workout everyday or every 3 days.

PRIORITISE your time. Think and ACT.



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