Beers and pizza 

Sometimes you have to treat yourself, in fact quite often and not rarely… 

In life we deal with a lot of pressure / stress eg work, bills, money, goals, relationships, weight etc. Therefore buy that toy or that top you’ve wanted for a while. Every pay-day after you’ve dealt with your financial responsibilities (priorities) treat yourself. Not splurdge! Obviously no one wants to be skinned! 

So today is Saturday and I’m off! Meaning I’m allowed to treat myself to a bit of bad food 😈 🍕🍔 🍺 but remember I do behave during the week! I eat real food and train, come the weekend HAVE A TREAT! And what do I long for all week? What do I love? Well a bit of booze & pizza haha. 

In life we need BALANCE! To not take things to seriously but to do what has to be done. To have fun, show kindness to all and not be over righteous. We all make mistakes but what matters is that we aretrying  and having healthy good fun along the way. 

This week I have more writing to do, I’m really focusing in my book! I want to help others it’s my biggest passion! My book will have a planned structure for weightloss, healthy lifestyle, better version of yourself… I’m sad when I see obese teenagers out of breath walking up a couple of steps! Parents need to be able to run in the parkwith  their children! Children should not be suffering from obesity die to malnutrition. Remember just because food is healthy it does not make it bland and boring. 

Healthy food not only tastes great but it is also easy to make! Enjoyable and Sustainable! Sustainability is a very important word, you will see me use this word a lot… 

People do short period diets for a special occasion or holiday and return home and put it all back on. 

Incorporate healthy eating into your life on a daily basis for optimal health and happiness and fat loss whatever your goal may be. 

Happy weekend, Ruth 


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