Fat free is rubbish 

Why spend ££$$ on supplements to fasten your metabolism, when you can do that using natural ingredients from your kitchen cupboards, fridge & your own body.

Why would you want to have a faster metabolism? = weight loss, increase energy, general health… 

Fat free is rubbish. The human body requires fats: brain function, faster metabolism, hormones, weight loss! BUT real fats that is: real milk butter, olive oil, coconut oil, avocado oil… My brunch 😋 poached eggs, cottage cheese & salad bathed in extra virgin olive oil. 

To have a faster metabolism you need to: 

1. Calories are good! Stop dieting and eat but eat healthy foods. A calorie deficit diet will have feeling sliggish and moody and it will affect you metabolism. 

2. Avoid inflammatory foods, they slow down your digestive system and add toxins to your body. Avoid sugary foods and drinks as well as processed foods. Eat real food!!!! Cave man style. 

3. Exercise! Move your body, lift weights, do HIIT workouts, run, walk! Cycle… 

4. Get plenty of rest and eat super foods! Super foods: foods that help with fat burning = natural coffee, green tea, spicy foods, cinnamon, ginger, high protein eg wild caught fish, eggs, organic turkey, organic chicken, nuts, seeds, apple cider vinegar, coconut oil, olive oil… 
Happy body happy mind ✌🏼


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