Get your greens in

And who says salads have to be boring? I love salads specially in the summer. I add my own healthy dressing: olive oil, vinegar, sea salt. I prefer leaf lettuces / the butterhead etc, they have more nutritional value than the tasteless iceberg lettuce. Protein is another essential nutrient to add to your salad specially if you’re seeking to eat more protein in your diet. I enjoy adding cheese, meat, fish, eggs & nuts. 

Lettuce, walnuts, goats cheese, raisins & eggs
Carrots, olives, lettuce, cottage cheese & eggs

Baked zucchini, carrots, avocado , cottage cheese, egg

Also made a yum protein shake this week: 

  • Frozen raspberries 
  • 1/2 banana
  • Vanilla protein powder 
  • Flax seeds 
  • Almond milk

Fat free is rubbish 

Why spend ££$$ on supplements to fasten your metabolism, when you can do that using natural ingredients from your kitchen cupboards, fridge & your own body.

Why would you want to have a faster metabolism? = weight loss, increase energy, general health… 

Fat free is rubbish. The human body requires fats: brain function, faster metabolism, hormones, weight loss! BUT real fats that is: real milk butter, olive oil, coconut oil, avocado oil… My brunch 😋 poached eggs, cottage cheese & salad bathed in extra virgin olive oil. 

To have a faster metabolism you need to: 

1. Calories are good! Stop dieting and eat but eat healthy foods. A calorie deficit diet will have feeling sliggish and moody and it will affect you metabolism. 

2. Avoid inflammatory foods, they slow down your digestive system and add toxins to your body. Avoid sugary foods and drinks as well as processed foods. Eat real food!!!! Cave man style. 

3. Exercise! Move your body, lift weights, do HIIT workouts, run, walk! Cycle… 

4. Get plenty of rest and eat super foods! Super foods: foods that help with fat burning = natural coffee, green tea, spicy foods, cinnamon, ginger, high protein eg wild caught fish, eggs, organic turkey, organic chicken, nuts, seeds, apple cider vinegar, coconut oil, olive oil… 
Happy body happy mind ✌🏼


Some people want to change but are not willing to make the change… The word change says it all -> To become different / A transformation or modification. Change involves a lot of thing depending on what it is you’re after. The change I’m referring to now is when one wants to lose weight or become healthier. I’ve had people ask me for help yet they continue with their old bad habits. Habits are hard to cut back on or get rid off. But often that’s the first step. e.g. Stop snacking on sugary / processed things, crisps, biscuits everyday. But cut back and replace those naughty snacks with healthy snacks that will benefit your health and help you to achieve your goal.

Have a positive mindset and never stop telling yourself that you ca do it you can accomplish what you want! Exercise self-control and you will see what you are capable of achieving.




Beers and pizza 

Sometimes you have to treat yourself, in fact quite often and not rarely… 

In life we deal with a lot of pressure / stress eg work, bills, money, goals, relationships, weight etc. Therefore buy that toy or that top you’ve wanted for a while. Every pay-day after you’ve dealt with your financial responsibilities (priorities) treat yourself. Not splurdge! Obviously no one wants to be skinned! 

So today is Saturday and I’m off! Meaning I’m allowed to treat myself to a bit of bad food 😈 🍕🍔 🍺 but remember I do behave during the week! I eat real food and train, come the weekend HAVE A TREAT! And what do I long for all week? What do I love? Well a bit of booze & pizza haha. 

In life we need BALANCE! To not take things to seriously but to do what has to be done. To have fun, show kindness to all and not be over righteous. We all make mistakes but what matters is that we aretrying  and having healthy good fun along the way. 

This week I have more writing to do, I’m really focusing in my book! I want to help others it’s my biggest passion! My book will have a planned structure for weightloss, healthy lifestyle, better version of yourself… I’m sad when I see obese teenagers out of breath walking up a couple of steps! Parents need to be able to run in the parkwith  their children! Children should not be suffering from obesity die to malnutrition. Remember just because food is healthy it does not make it bland and boring. 

Healthy food not only tastes great but it is also easy to make! Enjoyable and Sustainable! Sustainability is a very important word, you will see me use this word a lot… 

People do short period diets for a special occasion or holiday and return home and put it all back on. 

Incorporate healthy eating into your life on a daily basis for optimal health and happiness and fat loss whatever your goal may be. 

Happy weekend, Ruth 

Training and grub

I loved the way my body felt the next day after the workout below. And I also loved sweating like a pig and struggling through out the workout! You see, if it’s not challenging you, it is not changing you!




My goal is to lose 5 – 8 kilos, post wedding I put on a little weight from just laying and stuffing my gob with anything… Funny how 1 – 2 weeks of careless food consumption results in a vast body change. I felt sluggish and of course there was the slight weight gain. But no regrets, these things always happen in life!

I now have my protein in the morning, be it a shake or eggs or porridge… Healthy snacks through out the day, healthy oils i.e Olive oil, coconut oil, flax seeds. Carbs are added to my meals towards the end of the day i.e. for dinner. But I’m always consuming protein, from fish to chicken to legumes. Eating more greens too, spinach and kale and cabbage.


I purchased a new protein powder: Vanilla super-foods which also contains greens. It’s a plant based protein by Amazing Grass – Click to see

Last night I made delicious honey baked chicken. I hope you guys try it and like it.



honey, soy sauce, mustard, chilli flakes, garlic powder, onion powder, sea salt, black pepper, paprika, olive oil. And pop it in the oven!

Just remember that I’m always adding recipes and workouts on my front page portfolio, so feel free to save my web address and click on it once in a while to see what I’ve been inventing 🙂

Cheers, Ruth

Preparation is everything

Always bear in mind that whatever goal it is that you have. PREPARATION! If it’s weight you want to lose, gain muscle, be a better person, buy a house, go on holiday… PREPARATION.

I advice people who ask me of ways to lose weight and I tell them start preparing your meals, even if you don’t physically prepare to begin with – mentally prepare. Think about what it is you will eat during the week to fit your macro-nutrients.

Pre gym, think about your body composition goals and have a planned workout set up. So that you do not feel lost in the gym and waste your time.

Always remember that 1 hour is 4% of your day, so yes you have the time to make your meals for the week that one day maybe on a Sunday or Monday spare 1 hour. And fit in a 30 – 45 min workout everyday or every 3 days.

PRIORITISE your time. Think and ACT.


Breakfast & plans

This morning I made an omelette with spinach, cheddar cheese and mushrooms. I’ve started writing my book of steps to take to turn your life into a healthier lifestyle. Changes you need to make / ways to adapt into being a healthier happier individual.

I’ve often had people ask me what it is they need to do in order to lose weight and what diet should they try… I dislike the word DIET. The majority of diet are a short term unrealistic fix, I am a realistic person who is passionate about helping people. So my answer is change your lifestyle… Eat real food… Move your body…

I posted a workout on my page I’d love you guys to try:

Warm up 10 mins of: 1 min sprints + 1 min power walk

Strength: Back squats 5reps x 5sets – exceed weight to max rep

15 mins as many rounds as possible. (No rest in between, stop to catch your breath have a little water and continue.)

  • 100 rope skips
  • 50 sit ups
  • 75 rope skips
  • 40 sit ups
  • 50 rope skips
  • 30 sit ups
  • 25 rope skips
  • 10 sit ups


Have a nice Sunday everyone

I’m back never stopped 

I’ve been absent for a long time and I apologise for that, it’s not like me. I am to post at least once a week articles to motivate you, inspire you and educate you… So my excuse? I was super busy in London preparing my move and since I’ve arrived in Michigan I’ve been working on settling in.

I feel healthier despite their horrid eating habits and poor diet here, I feel healthier because I’m surrounded by fresh air and nature and opposed to the London city.

I’ve found a nice gym where I train and I’ve done a bit of CrossFit last week. Managed to flip a tyre over all by myself.

My focus now will be on helping people get healthier and fitter, I’m going to start writing my own book next week. Realistic advice on nutrition and training, creating and sustaining a balanced healthy lifestyle.


Last week I was in quarantine super sick with a nasty cold / flu. I don’t remember the last time I had that, my immune system in general is strong maybe It’s one of those inevitable things from Michigan.

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Happy week & winter blossoms 

I’m not working out as much as I’d like to this week but I’m doing what I can to keep moving. Movement is essential!

My priority in the next couple of weeks is to improve my cardiovascularity as I was a bit too still over Christmas haha.

I’ve been jumping on one of my favourite toys the assault bike. I use it as a warm up for 5 – 10 minutes non stop / integrate it to my workouts / have long sessions with it with intervals in between. I also do the same with the rowing machine.

Once when I was explaining to one of my friends that you can eat well by buying ingredients and making the time to cook. She responded that due to the cheap cost, she understands why most families get fast food to feed their family.

Well if anyone knows me I’m open minded, willing to listen and of course try to comprehend. However there are other alternatives, the key is to be open  minded, take a little time to do research and try other alternatives for a better healthy you and the well being of your family.

For example this Sunday I had £4.95 in my pocket left to buy food for the week. I bought 2 broccolis = 90 pence, 1 packet of minced turkey meat = £2, 1 packet of wild rice = 99 pence. I didn’t spend all my money and made food for the week. I still have rice left in my kitchen cupboard.

Today I’m reading loads on anatomy and later I’m training with my mate Lauren. Strength training: back squats and push presses. Followed by a small HIIT session and ending with cardio.