Healthy Weight loss 

It is true that the quality of the food and what we consume has a direct effect on us. Sadly the majority of people claim that they lack in time to prepare their meals or maybe they’re just a bit lazy!


Unfortunately we live in a society that appears to promote laziness. For example we’re surrounded by Fast food, Drive thrus, Pre-packaged meals, Processed foods… These are fast and easy accessible things packed with *additives. Yes these fast meals are convenient, but is it the best option for us? It all comes down to how much you really want change. I prepare my food for the week on Sunday evening or Monday mornings, it takes me under 60 minutes. That’s 1 hours for the whole week. I don’t necessarily prepare my dinners, but I have the ingredients in my kitchen and prep my supper when I get home in the evening. My priority is to prep my lunches and snacks, because when I’m at work and out and about I don’t want to be tempted to buy food.


If you really want to lose weight: 

  1. Don’t be lazy. Yes the beginning is hard, but what is difficult now will be a walk in the park later. Move your body: walk /  run / go to the gym. Make the necessary changes…
  2. Eat clean, Eat real food, cook homemade meals. Add more greens & protein (Fish, turkey, chicken) to your meals. Avoid the bad stuff i.e. Fast food, refined carbohydrates, sugary snacks & soft drinks, additives and inflammatory foods.
  3. Be Balanced. None of us are perfect and never beat yourself up. Do things that make you happy and give you peace of mind. Find an exercise that you enjoy: Dancing, football etc
  4. Treat yourself. Once in a while you deserve a doughnut. Have a treat day once a week. The problem is people have treat days everyday and hence the weight gain.
  5. Move. Move at least 30 minutes a day whatever way you choose. Walk, run, cycle, play a sport etc. *The majority of the population have a sedentary lifestyle. They sit at work, in the car, at home… MOVE! Humans were made to move. 
  6. WORKOUT. Apply to your workout routine High Intensity workouts which are a more effective way to burn fat and develop your health and fitness.
  7. SLEEP zzzzz. Have a good sleep cycle, get enough sleep during the night! Your cells and body recover in the night at a specific time in the night. Sleep will reduce stress and inflammation in the body.


  1. Nibbles. Eat healthy snacks between your meals, don’t nibble on packets of biscuits  and crisps / chocolate bars. Have healthy snacks such as nuts, yogurts etc…
  2. Meal preparation. Prepare your meals for the week, take your homemade lunch to work. Keep good ingredients in your fridge to cook a fast meal when your peckish. Avoid having sugary snacks in the house because you will find your self nibbling on those in the middle of the night or day.
  3. Eat protein. No it does not make you bulk like Arnold Schwarzenegger. Protein fuels fat burning and promotes muscle repair and growth, plus it makes you feel fuller longer.



Keeps your heart healthy, help to reduce high blood pressure.

  • Improves the function of your muscles and helps keep your bones strong and healthy.
  • Reduce the risk of cancer, obesity and diabetes.
  • Improves your mental health and wellbeing.
  • Manages your weight.
  • Boosts your endurance.


An appropriate training program, commitment to train at least 3 x a week and healthy eating will help you achieve your weight loss goals.

Feed your brain with the accurate knowledge, science behind nutrition. Don’t fall for fad diets, diets are temporary and so will be the weight loss. Most diets are bad / unrealistic as they lack in essential nutrients, that’s why they’re temporary.

Simply change your lifestyle: Eat well, cook, read, educate yourself, move; walk, exercise. Meditate, develop kindness…  Don’t underestimate yourself and your capacity.

*Food additives are known to be harmful. I.e. MSG has been found to affect the hypothalamic region of the brain, controls and influences appetite, linked to obesity problems. Artificial sweeteners stimulate sensory areas in the brain making making it slightly addictive, stimulating cravings and appetite. 

It is important for you to recognise the potential risks. Try to minimise them in your diets, read the food ingredient labels. The best advice I can give is to buy fresh, whole foods, organic and home baking from scratch.

*Sendetary lifestyle is one of the major risk factors of coronary heart disease. Sadly most of the population spends a lot of time seating down. Bum on the sofa, in the car, at work and the gut begins to grow… Even if we stand all day at work. We still need physical exercise for the benefit of our joints and to develop bone strength.